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Vapor-Clean charcoal filters for MH patients

The Dynathestics Vapor-Clean activated charcoal filters significantly reduce your anaesthetic machine's flushing time for MH patient preparation or crisis to 90 seconds.

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Product description

When using the filters, the anaesthetic machine can be ready for the patient in a significant shorter time frame than traditional flushing.

As vapors are blocked for the entire case with the Vapor-Clean filter, there is no re-bound effect exposure.

During an MH crisis, Vapor-Clean filters allow for safe, uninterrupted mechanical ventilation.

Compatible with all anesthesia machines, other product features include :

• Two-year minimum shelf life

• Reduces costly operating room delays due to “surprise” MH-susceptible patients

• Negligible additional breathing circuit resistance

• No need to remove CO2 absorbant

• Compatible with both standard two-limb and coaxial breathing circuits