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TrueCPR Coaching Device

The TrueCPR coaching device can be used with any brand of defibrillator for real time feedback on depth and rate of compressions given to ensure effectiveness.  A summary of data is given for post-event review. In addition, immediate performance data can be displayed on the device itself to help in the training scenario.
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Product description

How can you be sure compressions given to someone lying on the ground are consistent with those given in the back of the ambulance? How do you know you are following industry guidelines and delivering effective compressions?
How can you be sure compressions given during CPR are of sufficient depth and at the optimal rate in accordance with Resuscitation guidelines for delivering effective compressions?? Providers have been known to give compression at too fast a rate, often leading to shallow compressions. It is known that the depth of compression must be adequate to move sufficient blood in the victim’s body. 
The TrueCPR is a simple to use device which helps to improve the quality of CPR given during training and in clinical usage by using industry leading accurate technology to display the depth of compression.


  • Triaxial Field Induction (TFI) uses magnetic field technology to accurately measure compression depth.
  • The metronome display prompts compression frequency according to AHA (American Heart Association) and ERC (European Resuscitation Council) guidelines.
  • Provides 3 levels of feedback – Real-Time (during compressions), Post Event (summarised on the TrueCPR) and Post Event (analysis and review).
  • Data can be used for performance review, measurement and improvement.