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The CARESCAPE™ ONE monitor helps make patient transport effortless. It allows you to use the same standardized monitor for all intra-hospital transport needs and is equipped with micro-module technology for complete data continuity and full flexibility across multiple care areas.


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Product description

ONE powerful and simplified transport

  • With a lightweight intuitive design, every patient monitor is ready for transport without the need for additional components.
  • A large screen highlights a slim, lightweight unit that travels on a simple bed mount.
  • Parameters are easily added through miniaturized plug-and-play micro-module

ONE standardized workflow

  • CARESCAPE ONE adapts to changing care environments with the simple connection of a parameter micro-module.
  • Elegantly simple transport workflow lets you focus on the patient–not the device.
  • Simply undock the CARESCAPE ONE from the CARESCAPE bedside monitor, then at the destination, dock the CARESCAPE ONE into the bedside monitor.
  • With intelligent design, alarming is uninterrupted; data continuity is preserved throughout and sent to the EMR.

ONE singular solution

  • True device standardization on a single monitor platform streamlines asset management and optimizes total cost of ownership.
  • One transport monitor accommodates patients across multiple care areas.
  • There’s just one monitor to procure, manage and service–no need for multiple versions that drive up costs and complicate service and clinical workflow.
  • Compatible with CARESCAPE bedside monitors, CARESCAPE Central Station and the CARESCAPE Network protects your investments; easy upgrades limit future capital costs.